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What's Behind the Door? Udaipur Charm

I didn't know I had a thing for doors - until I saw the ones in Udaipur...

I want this one!

For anyone who has visited the charming lake city of Udaipur, in Rajasthan, you know what I mean - The doors!!

The 'old city' has retained its heritage and is a stunning example of history, craftsmanship and architecture.

I have been living in India for some time, and when it's a particularly hot day, I find my mind wandering to scenes of the shimmering lakes of Udaipur. as if their memory will somehow cool me down.

Whenever I arrive in the city (often after a comfortable journey on a great Indian train), I start taking photos of everything - streets, shops, lakes, people, birds, paintings - and doors!

"You cannot take a bad photo in Udaipur. At every turn there is a sight to be captured, a unique moment to record. It's one of the most captivating cities I've have the pleasure to visit."

Venice of the East

Udaipur is a lovely city to wander around. If you enjoy leisurely strolls and serenity, this is a place I can recommend you visit (at least once, although you will want to come again!).

View from a rooftop restaurant

And it's a photographer's paradise. It's hard to know what to focus on first.

Even out-of-focus photos will look good!

The lakes dominate my eye at first. There is the well-known Lake Pichola with the Lake Palace hotel as the shining centrepiece.

However, there are multiple lakes in Udaipur to captivate travellers and locals alike.

The romantic Taj Lake Palace hotel, Lake Pichola, Udaipur

The old city frames the lake beautifully, with bridges, doors, gates, ghats and the imposing City Palace dotting the banks of the main Lake Pichola.

I wish my photography skills matched my eye! The city of Udaipur in Rajasthan could then take up all my time with its neverending charm and surprises.

Door Delights

And now to one of the surprises that continues to enchant me to this today - the doors of Udaipur!

I have always liked house interiors, and if my dogs had not ruined every one of my possessions, I might have enjoyed a stylish home.

So perhaps then it is not a great surprise that my eye focused on the houses and buildings and the doorways of the old city.

“As I meandered through the streets, I started to notice the incredible doors on many of the buildings. Doors were not something I normally photographed in my home country I must admit.”

Down every lane was a stunning example of another door I had to photograph. It all became a little obsessive.

The doors, often crafted from wood, sometimes without a finish, and sometimes painted in a variety of colours and decorations, each ornate door felt like it was telling a story of the building, the past, and perhaps the inhabitants.

The beautifully crafted styles lent a charm to all the buildings, no matter their architecture.

They were like faces, revealing a welcome, even though they were closed.

I wanted to buy one! I had nothing to attach it to, but such was the feeling they evoked in me, I felt the need to possess one. Extremely impractical Jen - it's not going to happen! Just buy some jewellery.

But the doors drew me towards them, a hypnotic message from the past. They wanted me to open them! (even if the people behind them did not).

Let me know your memories of Udaipur. Comment below.

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