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About Jen

About Jen


I have led a pretty eventful life!


Sometimes you don’t rediscover the details of your life until you start writing them down.


For example, I recently remembered my former years sailing on the seas – which sounds idyllic, but in reality, especially for a child, was terrifying. I thought I was going to die on almost all of my vacations!


I’ll summarise some highlights:

  • Competed in yacht racing (including overnight – that’s in the dark!)

  • Won the National University Games Volleyball title (Australia)

  • Worked on a government-funded International Film Festival

  • I spent 22 years either travelling, working or living in India

  • Migrated to a new country

  • I started a new career at the age of 46

  • Became a Writer and then an Author

After completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in Public Health & Health Promotion, I spent 20+ years working in a range of domains, including medical education, international tertiary training, property and real estate, to name a few.

I have been fortunate to have travelled for pleasure and work in Australia, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the UK, Cyprus and Greece.

In the past few years, I became an Author and writer, as well as co-founded a startup in India.  With a co-founder, I started the men's platform and will soon launch the women's version -

But I am most proud of being a survivor, overcoming multiple significant personal adversities in my life, and somehow retaining my“Jen-ness” (including surviving the demands of a Dalmatian and a Greyhound, who turned the house into a climate-controlled dog kennel!).


That’s more than enough about me! This blog is NOT about me – It's about India






About 'Luxury in India'

On any given day, you can hear me extolling the virtues of India as I go about my daily life here. After being associated with the country for over two decades, I feel at home, like I always belonged...

Welcome to Luxury in India!


To me, the word 'luxury' doesn't necessarily mean expensive...

"Living in India, I am surrounded by young start-ups; I'm 30 minutes from a 16th-century fort, and there are rare wild tigers a few hours away - this is a unique 'Luxury' to me!"

There is richness in India, and I am lucky to experience it every day.

Of the many stories to be told in India, mine is just one more. But I hope my unique perspective provides a new outlook on this beautiful country.







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I'm a (very) amateur photographer - this shot was taken from a moving rickshaw!

Oops - here I am again! Practising video skills

by Jen

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