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Street Style - Khan Market

One of my shopping "treasures" and pleasures in India is strolling around the unique charm of Delhi's Khan Market.

Khan Market gives me something I sometimes miss in India - street shopping.

Now, before you say, "but there are loads of streets in India with loads of shopping!" let me explain.

I mean "High Street" shopping, where many boutiques, cafes, bookstores, and services are all located together.

This style of shopping is what I like. I enjoy the walk outdoors as much as the shopping. I love the variety too.

Due to various factors, the malls provide a very acceptable alternative to high street shopping in India (see my article on 'The Great Mall of India').

But one shopping zone that provides the "High Street" vibe is Khan Market, in the heart of Delhi.

Located in an eye-wateringly expensive area, Khan Market has an authentic 'high-street' feel, with the charm of cafes, restaurants, bars, bookstores, fashion and loads more.

In the top 20 or so most expensive retail shopping spaces IN THE WORLD (1), Khan Market has a unique charm I relish.

Dining Delights

Khan Market has a U-shaped layout with a centre lane. The buildings are two-storey - the top floors are mainly restaurants and bars and the ground-level shopping.

A shoutout to Indian cafe and restaurant interiors at this point - they are something else! Highly creative and innovative designs give the food a run for its money!

The dining options in Khan Market are extensive and cover anything from Indian, Japanese, French, and Italian to wine bars and casual dining.

Starbucks does have a presence in the shopping precinct however Khan Market is dominated by individual local businesses.

Some small but delightful cafes can be found on the ground floor, serving tea, coffee, cakes and macarons.

Shop Fest

At first, it looks like Khan Market is not very big. But as you venture further inside, a fantastic, wide range of options becomes apparent.

Kitchenware, household items, homewares, groceries, imported foods, books, clothes, gifts, gadgets, sunglasses, footwear, skincare and jewellery and probably a lot more!

Services like tailors and hairdressers are also available.

Unique Appeal

I like the " look" of Khan Market. The two-story structures and the old trees out the front.

I like the valet car park attendants who push the parked cars back and forward to utilise the space better and accommodate more customers.

I especially enjoy the local street dogs who lay in their beds surrounded by food bowls while the shoppers quietly step around them.

The path around the outside is not pristine and perfect. There are cobblestones on the inner lanes.

And all of this adds to the charm of one of the most expensive shopping areas in the world.

Let me know your favourite places at Khan Market. Comment below.

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