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Organic Fanatic

Food tastes better in India. Is it because India has the highest number in the world of Organic Farmers?

When I lived in my home country, organic produce stores were only a minute's car ride away.

The spotlight on food quality saw increasing demand for foods and ingredients made without chemicals.

The prices at my local organic store were sometimes more than non-organic produce.

But the range was often excellent, and I enjoyed the variety of different foods not found in the regular supermarkets.

And many organic items tasted better than their counterparts to me.

Since I am not a scientist and, I do not conduct tests on anything I eat, I do not know whether the food was healthier.

However, a move away from chemicals makes sense to me - after all, we never used to rely on these chemicals to produce our food.

India has a long history of organic farming.

And as demand grows worldwide for "cleaner" food and sustainability, the organic practices in parts of India are receiving a boost.

My experience in the West

I stood in a health food store once and watched as people paid a lot of money for ghee, coconut oils, turmeric etc.

These are regular items used in Indian cooking and Ayurvedic treatments.

These items were extremely costly in the organic store.

The health food store contained an extensive range and featured many items with sales claims and features such as "organic" and "vegan."

The demand increases as consumers become more educated and aware of organic food. I witnessed this growth in the last ten years in my area.

Years ago, I started to see organic milk varieties become available in cafes; organic produce became a feature on the menus in restaurants.

The West was obsessed.

The Indian Scene

I have found what has long been a trend in the West is not such a novelty in India.

If you search online for "organic" in India, you will get an enormous array of new and trendy cafes and restaurants supplying this menu.

While consumers in India are interested in organic food, it is not a frequently discussed topic I have with people here.

Many farmers across India were already practising organic methods well before the latest consumer interest.

More are adopting the methods and now producing for local and export markets.

As certification systems strengthen, there is a general move toward this chemical-free agriculture that appears to be supported by government initiatives.

Healthy Future for All

I notice the different quality of ingredients in India.

The taste of the fresh produce is very strong, very robust.

Something must be making the food quality here high.

When I ate tomatoes from stores in my home country, they had no taste! The fruit was the same.

It looked great but had no taste at all.

I do not know if organic food items are healthier from a nutrient point of view. But from a chemical point of view, they appear to be better for you, the production workers and the environment.

What is healthy is people thinking a lot about their food.

The quality, the origin and the nutrients!

World Leaders

Organic farming in India is setting goals to which others can aspire.

A whole state in India, Sikkim, is entirely organic. It's the first state in the world to reach this achievement.

I did not know this. I have not seen any discussion in any media that I have read while living in India regarding this topic.

India has so many 'stories' that it's often a challenge to get messages out to the public.

I look forward to watching this evolving scene in India.


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