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Green Envy in Delhi

It may surprise some that Delhi has an abundance of magnificent parks and green spaces scattered throughout the city.

For a city like Delhi, with a population almost equivalent to Australia, you could understand if the green spaces were all gobbled up!

But to my delight, I was surrounded by greenery during my years in Delhi.

I don't hide the fact that Delhi is one of my favourite cities and is highly underrated.

I grew up in a state known as "The Garden State." I grew up on the boundary of a National Park.

Gardens, plants, lawns, watering, fertiliser, seasonality, leaves, and mowing are all in my veins.

I am not particularly good at gardening and keeping plants alive, but I feel the need to be surrounded by a 'green scene.'

It's not just the parks in Delhi that are green. You can wander down any street and see balconies piled with plants and green life.

There are small parks and hidden gems in many of the housing colonies throughout the suburbs of Delhi.

And the private residences and bungalows in Delhi are situated in some of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous garden settings you could find anywhere.

Surrounded by Green

Exploring the green spaces of Delhi is one of my favourite things to do in India's capital.

Early mornings, after work in the evenings or on the weekend, I searched for my next favourite park.

Here are some of my finds:

1. Nehru Park

Located in the inner city, Nehru Park is a popular exercise park and beautiful green zone.

I saw many different groups using the facilities - joggers, kids playing sports, women's and men's sports groups training, seniors exercise classes, yoga, badminton and book reading!

There are many gorgeous flower beds too.

One area I loved was the foot reflexology paths. I'm not going to lie - the pain was challenging on the specially designed stone footpath. But I wanted to go back, so something worked!

2. Lodhi Gardens

A magnificent park located in the heart of Delhi, Lodhi Gardens has so many features - sprawling lawns, ancient monuments, lakes and bridges, enormous trees, and to my surprise, a bonsai section!

I wanted to go back as soon as I left.

3. Central Park

This park is in the middle of a busy shopping area in Delhi. When it is not a TikTok or video-making location, it's a welcome piece of green amongst the hustle and bustle.

4. Haus Khas District Park

One of my all-time favourite parks in Delhi is in Haus Khas. Something about this area pulls me back (was I here in a former life?). Amongst bars, restaurants and artsy shops lies this sedate park with ancient ruins, a tranquil lake and a captivating vibe. Sitting among the ruins watching the sunset in the evening is truly serene.

5. Grounds of Humayun's Tomb

Not strictly a park, this tourist attraction has beautiful grounds and is well worth a visit if you are looking for a quiet, calm, shaded location.

Despite being a busy tourist attraction, the layout of the complex is conducive to just strolling quietly through and observing the scene.

6. Special Mention - Local Parks

Queen of the park

More Green! For Sale - on the way back from the park

Yes - Eucalyptus in Delhi

I have been to too many local parks to remember. Almost all were peaceful and very well maintained.

(Many also had cute dogs that greeted me warmly too).

It's only when you visit a high-rise building or perhaps fly into Delhi, that you can appreciate the vast areas of greenery in the city.

Delhi is a vast city, there's no doubt. There are few quiet corners to be found. Yet the parks dotted throughout the city offer some kind of relief for residents and visitors.

I have heard there is a Rose Garden somewhere - I will have to search for it.

I miss my green parks of Delhi.

Let me know your favourite parks in India. Comment below.

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