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Ci-(TEA) Tales - Ep 4

'Shaadi in Jaipur'

See India through the eyes of International Consultant Bradley Carter as he works, lives and travels across India.


Brad and BD left the wedding early. BD had started to grow irritated at questions from the crowd.

Brad had suggested they go to one of the excellent nearby restaurants and have a drink and a chat.

"It's just so incessant! And I know they mean well, but sometimes I don't think they mean well!"

BD had probably just attended his last wedding for a while.

"It's okay, buddy. Here, order something. Tell me about what happened to you, mate."

"Oh, where do I start!" Brad suspected BD just needed to let off some steam. Maybe no one had just listened to him before.

"It's not that bad, I suppose. I'm divorced, and that's not the best status, unfortunately. My partner and I split amicably. There was not that much interference. I'm tired of the judgment! Why don't they help instead of pass advice!"

"I hear you, man. People assume a lot, you know."

"Ah, sorry to ruin the evening."

"Not at all. I don't get that affected by people these days. People have always told me their opinion, and somehow I move on."

"I wish I could do that. But sometimes you need to push back!"

"Agree, agree. Hey, why don't we take a break after the next site visit? In two weeks we have four days off. Wanna go to the beach?"

"Yes! Let's do it! I need a surfing lesson from an Australian!" BD laughed heartily.

"Done! You better wear a life jacket. I can't surf myself!"

* * *

Brad woke early the next day and went to his local park.

Apart from a couple of stray dogs, he was alone. It was a great time of day to think and be still (while walking!)

He relished the pleasant weather in Jaipur. It was drier than Brisbane, but he had adjusted.

He was thinking about BD and his circumstances. No one ever wants a divorce, but sometimes it is the best outcome.

Brad's parents have been married for over 25 years.

They had modelled mutual respect, and Brad knew that not everyone enjoyed such privileged family life.

Both Brad and his sister remained unmarried.

Marriage was not an automatic expectation in Australia. It was an option. Most of his friends were in long-term relationships.

Whatever the situation. Brad and BD had a tough week ahead at work.

In six days they had several big data sets to assess and compile a report.

They had to perform a gruelling site inspection too.

He needed a beach holiday. Sun, surf and sand - a bit of 'Australia' in India.

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18 de jun. de 2022

Nice tale of friendship

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